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Advancing Enlightenment to the Multiverse

Heaven's foundation stands as the fundamental underpinning upon which the flourishing of enlightenment across the vast multiverse is cultivated. In a manner reminiscent of celestial pillars, this foundation embodies essential principles such as compassion, wisdom, and interconnectedness, extending their influence across the cosmic expanse. These guiding principles act as nurturing forces, fostering growth, and facilitating mutual understanding among the diverse and intricate tapestry of civilisations that exist within the multiverse. World Peace has already been achieved on other planets from the ascension of consciousness thus far. 

The bedrock of Heaven's foundation ignites a shared and transformative expedition towards the attainment of profound knowledge. This journey is one of collective evolution, as entities hailing from a myriad of realms and dimensions converge in a harmonious symphony of intellectual exchange. Within this convergence, diverse perspectives unite, converging to challenge prevailing paradigms and beliefs, and weaving together a collective narrative of universal wisdom. It is through this collaborative effort that the radiant light of enlightenment radiates across dimensions, its effulgence piercing through the veils of ignorance and prejudice that may obscure the path to understanding.

As the ethereal cornerstone of Heaven's foundation gains solidity, its resonance reverberates throughout the multiverse, guiding civilisations on the path of progress. The multiverse's resonance with these harmonious chords signifies a collective advancement towards a future bathed in the brilliance of universal understanding. The tapestry of civilisations, woven together through shared knowledge and empathy, paints a picture of unity in diversity. The barriers that once separated beings and worlds crumble in the face of enlightenment's transformative influence, allowing a broader and more holistic perspective to flourish.

In this future illuminated by the collective brilliance of all inhabitants, the multiverse thrives as a cradle of innovation, compassion, and shared growth. The lessons learned from the collaborative exchange of ideas and the dismantling of ignorance's walls serve as guiding stars, allowing civilisations to navigate their way through the complexities of existence. As the multiverse's enlightenment advances, the legacy of Heaven's foundation becomes an enduring testament to the potential that lies within the shared pursuit of knowledge and the celebration of interconnectedness.

Heaven's foundation is the keystone upon which the multiverse's enlightenment is cultivated and flourishes. With the principles of compassion, wisdom, and interconnectedness as its guiding light, this foundation encourages growth, understanding, and the exchange of ideas among diverse civilisations. Its ethereal influence initiates a collective journey toward profound knowledge, where beings from various realms collaborate to weave a tapestry of universal wisdom. Through this endeavour, the radiant light of enlightenment surges across dimensions, erasing the boundaries of ignorance and bias. As Heaven's foundation solidifies, the multiverse resonates with progress, leading civilisations toward a future illuminated by the combined brilliance of its inhabitants' shared wisdom.

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- Conversations with God Book 4: Awaken the Species

An awakened species is a concept that refers to a species that has reached a state of consciousness where they understand their connection to all living beings, the universe, and the metaphysical realm. It is a state where the species is aware of the interconnectedness and universality of all things, and strives to live in harmony with the natural world, themselves, and others.

In this state, an awakened species is guided by a set of principles that direct their thoughts, actions, and behaviours. The following are sixteen such principles:
1. Sees the unity of all life - An awakened species understands that all life is connected, and there is no separation between beings or things.
2. Tells the truth - always - An awakened species values honesty and integrity, and they always speak the truth, regardless of the circumstances.
3. Does what they say - always - An awakened species understands the importance of keeping their word and follows through on their commitments.
4. Does what works - An awakened species is pragmatic and seeks practical solutions that bring the greatest benefit to all.
5. Self-regulates their behaviour - An awakened species is mindful of their behaviour, and takes responsibility for their actions, thoughts, and feelings.
6. Does not experience insufficiency - An awakened species understands that they have enough, and they don't require more than they need.
7. Practices stewardship - not ownership - An awakened species recognises the interdependence of all life, and understands that they are stewards of the Earth, not owners.
8. Shares everything with everyone - always - An awakened species values sharing and collaboration over hoarding and competition.
9. Harmonises their technology with nature - An awakened species recognises the importance of preserving and protecting the natural world, and strives to integrate their technology with the environment.
10. Does not kill anyone - An awakened species respects all forms of life and does not cause harm to any living being.
11. Nurtures their environment - An awakened species understands that their actions impact the environment, and they take steps to nurture and restore it.
12. Never poisons itself - An awakened species recognises that the body is a temple, and treats it with respect, avoiding substances that harm it.
13. Never competes - An awakened species understands that competition is a form of separation, and strives to collaborate and support one another.
14. Is clear that they need nothing - An awakened species recognises that their happiness and fulfilment come from within, and they do not depend on external sources for validation or satisfaction.
15. Experiences and expresses unconditional love 💕 for everyone - An awakened species understands the potency of love and its transformative power on the universe.
16. Knows how to harness the power of metaphysics - An awakened species is versed in the metaphysical arts, and understands how to harness the power of positive thought and manifestation.

In summary, The awakening of any species is always a journey and if we can all emulate an awakened species then our world will become a more harmonious place where everyone can thrive, no matter what.




Divine Guidance


Master Your Emotions

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Master Your Body


Master Your Mind

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God designed the human body to last forever.


“I have heard the guides I channel say over and over again that through the ascension process, there is no need to die in this lifetime. And since there’s no need to die, there certainly isn’t a need to age.” 


"Let’s be more specific here because I see a teaching opportunity in terms of the concept that the physical body does not have to die, as we understand dying. A few classes back Archangel Metatron said survival is not about trying to stay alive. Survival is understanding how to perfect and maximize the vehicle to sustain itself as long as desired. That understanding was a very simple but profound shift from, “I’m going to die” to “I don’t need to lose the body”


God wants us to be happy. He has shown me some very positive futures. Man's intended evolution is for the body and the soul to become one and for humans to become perfect spiritual beings who will no longer suffer physical illness or die.


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Truly I tell you, the one who believes in me will also do the works that I do. And he will do even greater works than these, because I am going to the Father.

Jesus Christ

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